Baatarvan resorts complex 2 floor

Baatarvan resorts complex hall

Outdoor activities

Customers who book a room for 4 days or longer will receive below mentioned services for free once a day.

1. Head massage /Regulate circulation of brain, relieve stress of nervous system, increase blood flow./



  2. Cupping therapy /Increase circulation locally, relieve tension of muscles, distributes static blood in deep layers of skin and increase blood flow. Also opens up skin pores, and excretes toxins./



3. Mineralized water therapy /At 9 kilometers from Baatarvan resort you can findspring of mineralized water which is ideal for diabetic patients. Water is brought from spring to resort every morning. Consume mineralized water by prescription of a doctor./


4. Salt track /Decreases blood pressure, relieves swelling, relieves pain in head, neck and chest, increases function of kidneys./



Nutritional therapy:

We serve specialized meal planning according to disorders such as diabetes, circulatory disorder, kidney disorder, pancreatic disorder and gastroenterological disorders.

Meal planning for patients withobesity and metabolic disorder:

Mild form of obesity is caused by misbalance between intake and output of energy. In other words body does not spend as much energy as it intakes with food. This type of obesity is easiest to treat and manage.
Obesity caused by disorders: Usually caused by slow metabolism because of slow rate of digestion, arthritis and stress. This type of obesity is complicated to treat by conventional method of diet and physical exercise. Therefore it’s most effective to treat underlying cause of obesity in combination with diet and exercise.
Post-natal obesity: Pregnant women have more appetite and craving for food because of increased demand of energy due to fetal development in womb. Also pregnant women adapts to this by storing more and more excess energy as fat. This leads to increased weight after childbirth and obesity
Childhood obesity: Childhood obesity in modern society is mainly caused by various fast foods, irregular diet, diabetes and genetic predisposition. Childhood obesity can cause problems in social behavior of a child, therefore it is important to treat and manage obesity in young age.
Weight gain in abdomen: Also called “Diamond” obesity is usually caused by excessive food intake and serious lack of exercise.

Healthy habits to keep weight:

   -  No more than 3 meals a day
    - Follow regular eating pattern
    - Chew food thoroughly
    - Eat less fatty food
    - Eat less salty and overly spiced food
    - Avoid fast foods and eat more natural sources of food
    - Avoid desserts between meals
    - Consume more fresh fruits and vegetables
    - Drink more water
    - Keep this habits for a long period of time