About us

“Baatarvan resorts complex” is a branch of “Grand Med hospital” which was chosen as “Best hospital” of 2014 and 2015 by online survey. We are located at beautiful Bulgan province, Mongolia (580km from capital Ulaanbaatar) at comfortable for circulatory system altitude of 900m from sea level. Our resort offers you various services for your comfort in relaxation and treatment, which is functional in all 4 seasons each with unique style of services and capable of holding 100-120 guests. We offer you choice of regular, semi-luxury and luxury rooms each with high speed internet connection and IPTV. Biggest advantage of our resort is experienced specialists, doctors and nurses of Grand Med Hospital who provide professional care and treatment for our customers. Every day of staying in our resort, you will have treatment in spa, hot springs, mineralized water, physiotherapy, head massage, foot massage, acupunctureand other various services for you.